Friday, April 13, 2018

A hundred little flames - Preeti Shenoy

"Do not look for the ideal man or the ideal woman – there is none. If you understand that it is your needs that make you seek a companion, find someone who is reasonably compatible with you. If you accept, respect, love, include, care for, and take responsibility for each other, it can be a beautiful #relationship."

Is it wrong to be in relationship? Are all blessed to have fruitful relationship? What's the difference between friendship and relationships? The book cover all these and more.

This year too of the sweet tokens on my birthday were books...and from the actual to official I finished reading the second.

If the contemporary Ticking Times was so much in line with all the bank scams unveiling; ' A hundred little flames' revealed the reality behind the myth of family bonding in God's own country.

I liked the way the story tries to convey a very important message, to look at relationships beyond what we think they are. There is more to an individual than how they are related to us. This was a great read from actual to official.

One thing that brought smile on my face is the importance of writing a dairy.

So many facets to relationship- father-son; grandfather - grandson; husband-wife; parents- children; master-servent; friends. Ayan; Gopal Shanker; Jayaraj; Shyamala; Rohini; Kamakshi; Ghanshyam; Padmaja; Velu...Good Lord. You bring back memories.

Monday, April 09, 2018

Cormoran Strike - J.K.Rowling/Robert Galbraith

Cormoran Strike is one of the main characters of a series of crime fiction books written by British author J. K. Rowling, published under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. The story chronicles the many cases of private investigator Strike and his assistant Robin Ellacott. Three novels in the series have so far been written with another announced in 2017.

They being:

1. The Cuckoo's Calling
2. The Silkworm
3. Career of Evil
4. Lethal White (upcoming)

Rowling has stated that she has plans for at least another ten.

Saturday, April 07, 2018

Reverberating Thoughts

Why do certain things happen at a certain time and fashion? At times when least expected. Some bringing joy and some sorrow. Is it divine will; destiny; fate or Karma? These questions keep reverberating. How do the law of attraction work here?

"As I keep pondering, I read what you seek is seeking you" - Rumi.

Geeta Mishr said: When you have difficult time in your life...just sit down....see the incidence in your life as if u r thitd person....u will get better perspectives and understanding of the situation....then decide your action to quite and let time pass on or work on remedy. So I believe instead of thinking in y it happens we need to focus on how to handle"

True: How is a more important question than why. Always.

One point to note is our reactions like we cry we shout will occur naturally thought your mind knows that we need not react....

It was a very big realisation for me that our body and brain are different.

Geeta: I was on operation table.... surgery was body was very unstable....when I opened my eyes...but my mind was fresh and noticing everything body unstable , nurses sitting and chatting besides...

Practically it's seem to be difficult...but when be a witness to these they really doesn't bother have witness like a oil drop in bucket of water...Rumi what here meant is your divine nature...which is not connected with your out side air is seeking the air inside the mud pot...with the present mind we think the mud pot is the only reality's only the voidnes which is the truth.

Law of attraction works for them who believe in their thoughts or power of mind. Confused minds get lost in their thoughts n forget to believe.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

12 Life Lessons from a Man who’s seen 12000 death

Thanks to Nitto for sharing this.

Kashi Labh Mukti Bhawan in Varanasi is one of the guesthouses where people check in to die. Bhairav Nath Shukla has been the Manager for 44 years. He shared his 12 recurring life lessons with Deepak Ramol, who shared it in; and also has his youtubes updated. Interesting, so thought of sharing.

1. Resolve all conflicts before you go

2. Simplicity is the truth of life

3. Filter out people’s bad traits

4. Be willing to seek help from others

5. Find beauty in simple things

6. Acceptance is liberation

7. Accepting everyone as the same makes service easier

8. If/When you find your purpose, do something about it

9. Habits becomes values

10. Choose what you want to learn

11. You don’t break ties with people; you break ties with the thought they produce.

12. 10% of what you earn should be kept aside for dharma

Monday, March 26, 2018

The End To Movie Watch & Reviews

Life is a mystery - Mystery of beauty, bliss and Divinity.

And here we get the news of the mysterious death of the beauty diva of yesteryear. Who is to be blamed? How can we mourn?

Well for me personally; having been a great fan of her can relate each phase of my life to her movies or events from her life. So personally I decide to say goodbye to movies.

RGV’s msg-


YES she was the most desirable woman and the biggest super star of the country and ruled as a main heroine in the entire country for more than 20 years..But that’s just a part of the story

However shocked and sad I feel about Sridevi's death, it’s finally once again a rude reminder for all of us about how unpredictable, cruel,fragile and mysterious both life and death are

After her death ,there is definitely much more for me to say than what most people are saying now about how beautiful she was, what a great actress she was, how her death affected them, " RIP"s "Om shanthi" s. etc etc etc
Sridevi's life is a classic case of how each persons actual life is completely different from how the rest of the outside world perceives it.
For many, Sridevi's life was perfect . Beautiful face, great talent, seemingly stable family with two beautiful daughters--
From outside everything looked so enviable and desirable... But was Sridevi a very happy person and did she lead a very happy life?

I know her life from the time I met her first for my film kshanakshanam . I saw with my own eyes how her life was like a bird in the sky till her father’s death and then became like a bird in a cage due to her overprotective mother

In those days actors used to be only paid in mostly black money and due to fear of tax raids her father used to trust friends and relatives who all betrayed her the moment the father died
Coupled with this the ignorant mother made many wrong investments in litigated properties and all those mistakes combined made her penny less by the time Boney came into her life
Boney himself was in huge debts and all he could afford to give her was a fat shoulder to cry on
After her mother became a psychotic patient because of a wrong surgery on her brain in USA,though Boney sued the hospital they dint get any huge amounts of money in settlement because of some agreement mistakes he did with the lawyers there
Once the mother died her younger sister Shri Latha eloped and got married to their neighbours son ..The mother before dying put all properties in sridevis name but her sister put a case on her demanding half the property claiming that her mother was insane and not in her senses when she signed the will due to the brain surgery

So in effect the woman desired by millions in the world was all alone in the world except for one Boney

Boney ‘s mother portrayed her as a home breaker and publically punched her in the stomach in a five star hotel lobby in revenge for what she presumed about what she did to Boney’s first wife Mona

Except for the short glimmer of English vinglish Sridevi has been pretty much a very unhappy woman
Boney’s debts ,the uncertainty of the future,the ugly turns and twists in her private life left deep scars in the super stars sensitive mind and there after she was never at peace. She went through so much in her life and due to her early career entry,life never gave her time to grow up at a normal pace.
More than the external peace, her internal mental state was of a high degree of concern and this caused her to look at her own self . She was the most beautiful woman for so many people. But did she think she was beautiful ?
Yes but every actresses nightmare is age and she was no exception
For years she was doing cosmetic surgeries the effects of which can be clearly seen In her interviews and public appearances,
She always came across as very shy,insecure and low on confidence .
Some one who is very uptight, who built a psychological wall around her as she was scared of anybody to really see what's going on within her. She was panicky about anybody knowing what her psychological insecurities were.
Not because of her fault, but because she was thrust with fame from a very young age that never gave her a chance to be independant and be what she could really be and really wanted to be
She had to put on the make up and be somebody else not just infront of the camera,but also behind the camera.

Though I as an audience thoroughly enjoyed her on the screen , I now after knowing her as a person wish that she was allowed to be a star even in her normal life instead of being constantly directed by her parents,her relatives, her husband and to an extent even her own daughters .. She was scared whether her daughters would be accepted or whether they will go the Hema Malini’s daughter Esha Deol way

I could see in her eyes the pain she was going through deep inside her and that’s because she is actually a child trapped in a woman’s body ..she is naive as a person, but suspicious because of her bitter experiences which is not a very good combination . She used to convey to me so much through her silence than most would in their best conversations

Coming to her death ,it is most likely a combination of heart stroke induced accidental drowning death in the tub . But medications might have played a huge role.

Many suicides and accidental deaths happen after big parties or weddings. That's because people with depression and insecurities can't understand why the whole world is so happy and enjoying, but they are not able to feel the happiness inspite of all the glitter and spotlight. That reminds them that they are deeply sad and that there is nothing wrong with the world and the fault is with just them that they are not able to feel anything.

Some people who are very deeply depressed commit suicide. Others, just to control their depression and anxiety, take extra pills not knowing that it can be dangerous in certain doses and conditions

Keeping the speculations on her death aside and coming back to the point of her life,I generally don't say " Rest In Peace" after people die, but in her case I want to really say it because I very strongly believe that she would finally and really rest in peace now for the first time in her life ,

Or shall we say death?


Henceforth no more Moonlit nights! Chandni gone forever. Alas!
We’ll never forget those Lamhe  

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

20th March: International Day of Happiness

In 2011, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution which recognised happiness as a “fundamental human goal” and called for “a more inclusive, equitable and balanced approach to economic growth that promotes the happiness and well-being of all peoples” Celebrated for the first time in 2013 “This International Day of Happiness is more than just a fun celebration, it also remind us all that the world is a better place when we connect with and care about the people around us”

What's wrong with the world today?
A drop of Happiness can cause
Self worth
Reduced Depression
Improved Health

But what a day it was. An International declaration of the celebration; and 39 Indians abducted by Isis were declared deadπŸ˜•

Tried to take stock of people around me who were really happy and could not find any.

Some striving for basic necessity;
Some wanting a house; others a car;
Those having cars wanting bigger ones.
Single Souls looking for a life partner,
Married ones wanting to get seperated;
Those busy with work wanting some leisure,
Ones with time looking for a past time.

Life is so quer with its twists and turns.

A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms. Wish we could learn to be happy from them.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Mother and Wife @ Happy Women's Day

Having been an ambitious and talented student having travelled all over India due to father's transferable job had the normal desire of every lady as well; to be a loving mother and wife. After graduating in she fell for this guy. Eventually she got married into a well to do family. She was successful, educated, visionary but all the man cared was did she know to cook?

There started small rifts in the family; she took up higher education got a job. Decided his income could be used for necessity and her as an additional supplement. Then they had one son. Were almost on the verge of buying a house but there were rifts and it did not materialise.

Thinking of the many women of substance and talent who ruine their lives getting into wedlock.

Man n woman are different. There are differences in terms of physical, physiological, mental, characteristical, biological in men n women. The purposes are unique for both of them. Appreciate the differences n uniqueness and salute men n women.

Woman assumes various roles in our life as mother, sister, friend, guide, teacher, wife, daughter, companion etc

My sincere n heartfelt thanks to those women who added value n colors in my life πŸ™πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’ To all who have been through tough time. Is her role only to cook and take care of her family and be confined to the four walls?

A colleague said -
I know of women who stay lazy and party around and cook rarely and blame men for everything wrong in their lives, all in the name of gender equality........Quite obvious Today is not dedicated to the above........
Today is meant to be dedicated to all The Women, around whom life revolves, without whom their families would starve for food and affection, without whom there would be No More inspiration, without whom we cannot quote epitome of parenting and care.......Without whom we cannot talk about work life balance.......I dedicate my admiration to Those Women.....Happy Mother, Sisters and Friends who are born women and still remain an integral part of my Life. You Make Me Complete. Happy Women's Day.

May be I did/do not fit into that category.
Managing What.....One cannot manage All. If I gain something in life......I will have to give up something......It's all a weighing machine......I have gained more, than what I lost.....??

Here's hoping that in the future we won't need to celebrate a Women's Day or Men's Day; that gender equality will be a matter of fact, a matter of value and a matter of pride; something we all take for granted. Then we can truly celebrate all 365 days in a year as "human days" 🏡 😊
Till that utopia becomes a reality ..Stay blessed everyone!!!