Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Father's day...

Missing my father ....But was inspired by fathers who play both fathers and mothers role, had three of them , but Thanks to Ramya Udayan could spend quality time with her very positive, ever smiling (externally to give strength to his children) father with nostalgic story reminiscing the times spend with my father. The story was about a boy who lost both his parents. He was so heartbroken that he kept crying at their funeral pyre and pleading 'Yama' God of Death, to take him as well. God said nobody could leave this earth untill their time is over. The boy had no means of earning his livelihood. He was Blessed with the cure to remove poison from snake bite. He went to the neighbourhood village and brought back to life a wealthy man's daughter who was about to die. Later he married her, became wealthy and had many children. As he was leading a happy life, one day when he was about to take bath in his pond he saw the reflection of yama. Yama said it was time for him to leave earth. But he said he could not leave his wife and children and would want to live. Yama said that is not possible. Nobody would get extra time on this earth - Jisha Jose Ramya Udayan , Soumya Udayan Some super heroes don't have capes but are Dad's.

Udayan uncle never made his children realise the loss of their mother; but soon after her death; on their wedding Anniversery he too passed away.

The women is a reflection of her man. And this happens at time. Spouse departs within a year of the other.

Dad although you are no longer with me, I still think about you and miss you so much.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Weekend exploring Karnataka - May 2018

A weekend exploring Karnataka – May 2018
Socha tha khya – Khya ho gaya? Planned for Singapore travel with friend. Ended up in Karnataka with family. Amazing time with Sis and family – Special Thanks to Brother In Law for making this happen.

Left Kochi at 5 am on the 22nd of May and via Coimbatore crossing 27 hairpin bends set on for the trip. Had scrumptious lunch at Poojari’s Fish Land and off we drew to Chikmagalur with stay at ‘The Orkut’. As we were reaching, we thought treaking would be something like Malayatoor as we could not find the place like Munaar or could not see many hills around.

Next day proved me wrong. Off we went to the highest peak in Karnataka at Chikmagalur, called the Mullayanagiri. Enroute there was a statue of a pretty lady lying down. The height of this peak is close to 2000 metres. This peak is supposed to resemble a trekker’s backyard. There is no doubt that trekking in this place is a memorable experience, on acres and acres of land – it was only four of us – and at places with 60 degree bend – in case we would fall backwards – that is it. Indeed a Knife’s edge. On top of the peak, there is a small temple. Felt Thankful for having reached there, having lost the way in between.

The hills and the waterfalls are plenty located at regular intervals. Sightseeing and trekking have a prominent place in the tourism sector of this tiny town which is highly blessed by the mighty Western Ghats.

- Mullayanagiri: Famous for Trekking
- Hebbe Falls: Waterfall Visit
- Baba Budangiri: Famous for trekking
- Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary: Famous for Wildlife
- Kemmangundi: Famous for Trekking
- Kudremukh National Park: Famous for Trekking
- Sharadamba Temple: Sightseeing
- Kalhatti Falls: Waterfall Visit

We also had a jeep ride to Baba Budan Giri range. The day began with Neil feeling unwell and Sajeev’s 40th Birthday about to go for a toss, but ended as a memorable day. The amazing video with wishes from everyone was truly emotional.

With mist in front the jeep drive was amazing. Next day enroute to Mysore we stopped at Belur to have a view of the Majestic Hoysala temple. The architecture of ancient times are indeed Aweamazing….so many years before, such an amazing work.

Reached Mysore and checked into Hotel Sandesh, The Palace – especially given that Neil wanted to enjoy the pool. So guys were in the pool and me and Tara went to Nandi Hills, how could we be in Mysore and miss it? Evening went to Vrindavan gardens.

Next day having done shopping from Mysore Silks, went to Mysore Zoo. Indeed well kept and clean. Neil enjoyed to the core, with map in his hand, he was the guide. We spend around 3 hours there, and then began our return journey, accompanied with rains – showers of blessings. Four days just flew away, given memories. Neil was excited learning Districts in Kerala, and states in India, along with viewing the site and being the guide enroute – especially looking for Power grids, and comparing Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Law of Attraction

A research in California conducted by psychotherapists proved that Energy Flows where Attention Goes.
Everything in our Universe is Energy.

When you say,
“ I don’t want War.” You are giving your attention to War and where you give your attention, your Energy will flow there.

Law of Attraction will match your Energy with that and bring it in your Three Dimension reality.

So instead of saying, “ I don’t want War.” you should say
“I want Peace.”
Then your attention is on Peace, so you are giving your Energy to Peace and Law of Attraction will match your Energy with Peace and your life will be Peaceful.

This Universe works on Vibrations.

So similarly change your statements –

– Instead of saying
“ I don’t want to fail.” say
“I want to Win!”

– Instead of saying
“I don’t want to be sick.” say "I want to be healthy."

– Instead of saying
“I don’t want to have a struggling job” say
“I want to have a happy and exciting job."

– Instead of saying
“I don’t want to fight with my husband” say
“I want to have a happy relationship with my husband”and so on..

Our thoughts are very powerful because Energy is transmitted through thoughts.

If you think and speak about what you don’t want, you will attract what you don’t want!
But if you speak about what you want you start attracting only what you want!

Also remove words from your dictionary like
Depression/ Hatred/ Failure/ Illness/Disease/ Jealousy/Misunderstanding/Problem. (Forward...)

Thursday, May 31, 2018


Did you know that at Harvard, one of the most prestigious universities in the world, the most popular and successful course teaches you how to learn to be happier?__ The Positive Psychology class taught by Ben Shahar attracts 1400 students per semester and 20% of Harvard graduates take this elective course. According to Ben Shahar, the class - which focuses on happiness, self-esteem and motivation - gives students the tools to succeed and face life with more joy._This 35-year-old teacher, considered by some to be "the happiness guru", highlights in his class 14 key tips for improving the quality of our personal status and contributing to a positive life:
🚩Tip 1. * Thank God for everything you have: * Write down 10 things you have in your life that give you happiness. Focus on the good things!
🚩Tip 2. * Practice physical activity * Experts say exercising helps improve mood. 30 minutes of exercise is the best antidote against sadness and stress.
🚩Tip 3. * Breakfast: * Some people miss breakfast for lack of time or not to get fat. Studies show that breakfast gives you energy, helps you think and perform your activities successfully.
🚩Tip 4. * Assertive *: Ask what you want and say what you think. Being assertive helps improve your self-esteem. Being left and remaining silent creates sadness and hopelessness.
🚩Tip 5. * Spend your money on experiences..a study found that 75% of people felt happier when they invested their money in travel, courses and classes; While only the rest said they felt happier when buying things.
🚩Tip 6. * Face your challenges *: Studies show that the more you postpone something, the more anxiety and tension you generate. Write short weekly lists of tasks and complete them.
🚩Tip 7. * Put everywhere nice memories, phrases and photos of your loved ones *: Fill your fridge, your computer, your desk, your room, YOUR LIFE of beautiful memories.
🚩Tip 8. * Always greet and be nice to other people *: More than 100 inquiries state that just smiling changes the mood.
🚩Tip 9. * Wear comfortable shoes *: If your feet hurt you, you become moody, says Dr. Keinth Wapner, President of the American Orthopedics Association.
🚩Tip 10. * Take care of your posture *: Walk straight with your shoulders slightly backwards and the front view helps to maintain a good mood.
🚩Tip 11. * Listen to music * It is proven that listening to music awakens you to sing, this will make your life happy.
🚩Tip 12. * What you eat has an impact on your mood *:- Do not skip meals, eat lightly every 3 to 4 hours and keep glucose levels stable.- Avoid excess white flour and sugar.- Eat everything! Healthy- Vary your food.
🚩Tip 13. * Take care of yourself and feel attractive *:70% of people say they feel happier when they think they look good.
🚩Tip 14. * Fervently believe in God *: With him nothing is impossible!

Happiness is like a remote control, we lose it every time, we go crazy looking for it and many times without knowing it, we are sitting on top of it

Friday, May 25, 2018

Literally Time Travel

Happiness is meeting childhood friend; sharing stories and being young again! - Juhi Gupta

Finally it was nice to meet and have Juhi in Kerala; bringing back the school days. Amma was unable to believe she was mother of two boys; elder so big. Having mesmerized by Ishan when we first met in Mumbai; my admiration grew further listening to his talks; especially 'the bio' question! And the question-do anyone wear dupatta like this? - Change please. Nice that we were able to meet thrice.

And then next week it was Sajeena and Priya @ Hoysala. Reliving the hostel days. So nice to have them with kids at home. Surprised to see how bubbly Sajeena had so much of responsibility now and the changes in her life with two daughters.

And finally; finally; finally...another dream come true....The reunion of soul sister's.. .two weekends...lovely get together with kids, playing hide and seek; Snake and ladder; Ludo.

Time pass; we have New people in our life; but some relations never die.

Monday, May 21, 2018

To Chennai- To Ponder

A sudden invitation to visit Chennai soon after my team member was here; and an invitation for consideration.

Time to visit Kapaleswara Kovil, Ramkrishna Mutt and Sai Baba Temple.

Your hardest battle is between what you know in your head and what you feel in your heart.

Will it free her to spread her wings or will it trap her in a gilded cage?

Question: What is Love?

Answer: The light of Life!

Question: What is Marriage?

Answer: *The Bill for that Light!*😂😂

Met Sathishni and Krishna Tara as well. Indeed time for reminisce...ponder ...and catch up on the lost times.

Thanks for considering me worthy...

"Do not look for the ideal man or the ideal woman – there is none." But If you understand that it is your needs that make you seek a companion, find someone who is reasonably compatible with you. If you accept, respect, love, include, care for, and take responsibility for each other, it can be a beautiful #relationship." Why not give a try? One Life.

"It is easy to understand the emotions of a woman when she is in love. If she loves you then you will always be on her mind every minute of the day and she would love to stay connected to you all the time. If she keeps calling you or texting you it doesn’t mean she has nothing else to do in her life …just remember she is taking out time from her busy schedule just to give her and time and attention to you. If she shows jealousy towards other women in your life it means she just can’t share your attention with anyone else. If she says sorry for no fault of hers it means she just loves you and she doesn’t want to make you feel bad for whatever you did to upset her. If she keeps forgiving you for your mistakes and accepts you back in her life again and again it simply means that she loves you and you are really important to her and she treasure your relationship with her. If she is truly in love with you she can go to any extent to show her love and affection and she wants nothing more than to feel loved. " {Aarti Khurana }

Yes. I am.

There's a big difference in being alone and being lonely. Being alone is a choice and being lonely is a feeling. Loners are a unique type of people. They prefer having a small circle of friends, and they do not mind spending time alone.

My alone feels so good, I'll only have you if you're sweeter than my solitude.” ― Warsan Shire

But I I'll have you even otherwise. Just want to make sure you are comparable. And why Me?

The wrong one will find you in peace and leave you in pieces. The right one will find you in pieces and lead you to peace.

Never regret being a good person, to the wrong person.

I choose to love you in silence...
For in silence I find no rejection.

I choose to love you in loneliness...
For in loneliness no one owns you but me.

I choose to adore you from a distance...
For distance will shield me from pain.

I choose to kiss you in the wind...
For the wind is gentler than my lips.

I choose to hold you in my dreams...
For in my dreams, you have no ends.


Where there is love, There is Life...

Could not resist sharing this; though not my own writing; this speak out my mind at this juncture:

Love is a beautiful human emotion. It ranges from affection to attraction, and represents kindness and compassion. Love inspires us, motivates us, balances us, and makes life beautiful. The love of family and friends, the love of life, love of God, loving another, this is how our life should be, filled with love and happiness. Love is the beauty of the soul, it is about kindness, patience, understanding, sharing, trusting, protecting, rejoicing, and perseverance.

Everyone wants to be loved and accepted, and no matter how successful our career, our status in life, our wealth, without love our life is empty. A wealthy business owner or a poor rice farmer will feel the same emotion when surrounded by a loving family, because it is love that makes us feel special.

Love between two people is a magical feeling, your lover is your best friend, and time is not measured by clocks but by moments, beautiful moments when both are together and sharing life experiences. But for love to last we must also respect, communicate, compromise, care, and trust each other.

Without communication there is no relationship. Without respect there is no love. Without trust there is no reason to continue.

If the relationship did not succeed, it taught us what we do not want in a relationship. Life is about learning, so instead of feeling rejected, or lost in blame, let go the past and look to the future with hope and happiness, and we shall again be blessed with love.

How much we love will determine our life and our happiness, and best of all when we give love we receive love back. The more we give the more we receive, so we should love with all our heart, because a life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit, an ocean without water, darkness without light. We must also love ourselves, not with ego but with loving kindness, because if we cannot love ourselves it will be difficult to show love to another. So love without depending, speak without offending, showing kindness and compassion to everyone, feeling blessed and grateful, because life is beautiful :)

Photo: Bilinga Beach, Gold Coast

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Ticking Times

Glad to finally grab a copy of Ticking Times and reading it in one go...Interesting to read some of the questions Pattabhi Ram Sir had asked in the classes. Overall it gave a nostalgic feeling and some points to ponder. Also few why? One thing that keep coming to my mind after reading the book is what had happened to Rs.925,000? What was in the note of the train of events? Did I miss something or was it deliberately left for imagination. Excellent book covering various aspects. Am not surprised it has come from Sir. A proud moment to posses this and to have attended your classes. Looking forward for more books.